How To Embed Facebook Video On Your Website

More and more people are now watching and sharing videos on Facebook along with YouTube and other video hosting platforms. As such, it only makes sense that you would want to embed Facebook videos in your website, particularly when important events are captured in the video that fits the niche of your website. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Facebook Video Embedding Made Easy

Once you already have a Facebook video that you want to embed, you can get the url of the video itself or the url of the page. Once you’ve copied it, you can then paste it on the Code Configurator where you can get the code by clicking the “Get Code” button.

Now that you have the embedded video player code, you copy/paste the code to your website’s HTML. You’re done!

See how easy that was? So, why exactly do you want to do this? The answer has to do with the feature that Facebook just launched called Facebook Live.

Facebook Live

If you haven’t been following the news recently, there have been a lot of videos streamed live and then shared afterwards that had significant effects on the real world. These include the shooting of an African-American man where the incident was streamed live be his girlfriend as well as the various political developments that have been occurring of late and have been captured on Facebook Live such as the gun control sit-in by Democrats.

If your website has anything to do with any of the events that have been happening of late, embedding some of these videos in your website is sure to help a lot in making you more visible as well as making it easier for your visitors to understand what your website is all about. It’s just a fact that most users would rather watch videos these days than read, after all.